Where can I get a bcalm?

You can buy bcalm from our online store on our website bcalm.co, click here to purchase bcalm

How much does bcalm cost?

The bcalm device costs £18.95, plus postage and packaging.

Can bcalm be used more than once?

Yes! The bcalm device has been reengineered and will now relieve panic attacks for up to 28 days after opening, providing the bcalm is stored in a resealable bag or pouch.

How does bcalm work?

For details please refer to https://bcalm.co/how-it-works/ for more information.

What is the medical evidence that bcalm successfully treats panic attacks?

Please refer to https://bcalm.co/information-for-clinicians/ for more information.

Does bcalm have any testimonials?

Yes, please refer to our testimonials page.

Why is this better than a paper bag?

Panic attacks are caused by high carbon dioxide levels in the trachea, so breathing into a paper bag will do nothing to overcome the panic attack.
However, bcalm addresses the symptoms directly by scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air you are breathing in, reducing the CO2 in your air intake.

Should I see a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)? Would I benefit from therapy?

From a medical perspective, it is always good to obtain medical advice. Although, CO2 is not the only trigger for attacks, it is usually the most significant. Adrenalin and changes in progesterone levels during the menstrual cycle, can also cause panic attacks. However, CO2 is usually the major factor behind panic attacks and may be an important factor in anxiety generally. The removal of CO2 using bcalm can prevent panic attacks from occurring.

Does it help with worry?

Not really. Panic attacks, according to research, are mainly a medical phenomenon. It could be that a person is worried but may have a panic attack due to being in a high carbon dioxide environment, in which case bcalm can help overcome the attack.

Is it safe?

The bcalm device is safe because it does not use drugs. It is a carbon dioxide absorbent i.e. removes carbon dioxide from the air. The device can be used by children (above the age of 36 months old) and pregnant women. In addition to which the bcalm device is regulated by the Medical and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Does bcalm use drugs?

No, bcalm does not use drugs and therefore bcalm is completely safe and natural.

What is inside the inhaler?

A carbon dioxide absorbent.

Will bcalm interfere or interact with medicines I’m currently taking?

No, bcalm will not interfere with any medication you are currently taking or produce any side effects.

I get panic attacks while driving, sleeping and/or in other situations will bcalm help me?

Yes, bcalm will overcome panic attacks in most situations.

Is bcalm safe for children / pregnancy?

Yes, bcalm is safe for children (above the age of 36 months old) and pregnant women.

Is bcalm available on the NHS?

No, bcalm is not available on the National Health Service (NHS) and no prescription is required.

Is bcalm available in the shops?

No, currently bcalm is only available online.

What happens if bcalm does not work?

A full refund will be given.