for immediate relief from panic attacks

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Developed by doctors

Developed by doctors

Safe and natural doesn‘t contain drugs

Safe and natural
doesn‘t contain drugs

Easy and Quick

Easy and quick to use

Doesn‘t require unrealistic life changes

Doesn‘t require unrealistic
life changes


Ready for a life free from panic?

With bcalm you’re only ever 6 breaths away from immediate relief.

The medical device will last up to 28 days.

Watch our short video to discover the science and the story behind bcalm.



bcalm today –
no matter what life has in store

bcalm is a discreet medical device a bit like an inhaler – in just 6 or 7 breaths, it helps you overcome your panic attack.


bcalm anti panic inhaler

Is this product for me?

Yes, if you experience any of these symptoms

Medically proven

bcalm has been created and developed by a team of doctors in the US, UK and Finland.

The idea for the product was originally conceived by two of the world‘s leading panic disorder and addiction medical professionals, Dr Stephen Cox and Dr David Sinclair.

They saw there was nothing on the market that would quickly help their patients during a panic episode and decided to develop a suitable product – bcalm was the result.

More Information for clinicians

Dr Stephen Cox

Stephen, inventor of bcalm, is a board–certified psychiatrist who has specialised in treating anxiety and panic disorder for more than 30 years. He is the founder of the National Anxiety Foundation.

More about Dr Cox

Dr David Sinclair

David is one of the world‘s leading experts on addiction science. He independently came up with the idea of a panic calming device, before working with Dr Cox to develop bcalm.

More about Dr Sinclair


How does it work?

You have a receptor in your throat that constantly monitors CO2 levels. When these are elevated for some reason – perhaps because you are in a place with high CO2 levels like elevators or because stress is causing you to breathe badly – then this can trigger a panic response.

bcalm immediately lowers the CO2 level in your throat, meaning that your brain is sent a new message: it‘s okay again, let‘s relax.

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How it works

What people are saying about us

Hi my name is Margaret Conroy and I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

I bought this inhaler and when i used it it calmed me down straight away and I was truly amazed because I have tried so many things in the past. I have just sent for another and would definitely recommend (brill).


Mrs M Conroy, Staffordshire UK

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Bcalm has been successfully lab tested and is currently being used by panic sufferers around the world.