** When I used b calm I was in class in a really important lesson when I felt anxiety take over me I took my b calm out my bag and I felt fine within minutes… Now I don’t have to leave my lessons, I can get a full education I’ve always wanted.

Ms E Dunn, Liverpool, UK

** I purchased a bcalm inhaler to deal with panic attacks. It does what it says on the label. After using the bcalm I felt I could continue with the task in hand.

Mr A Green, Birmingham, UK

** Hi my name is Margaret Conroy and I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I bought this inhaler and when i used it it calmed me down straight away and I was truly amazed because I have tried so many things in the past. I have just sent for another and would definitely recommend (brill).

Mrs M Conroy, Staffordshire, UK

** I was recently diagnosed with anxiety, I have had several panic attacks and In those moments you lose yourself it’s a horrible feeling. so I started looking for something to help, after reading about the bcalm device I had to give it a try. after a few days another panic attack hit lucky for me I had the inhaler with me and within 10 breaths my symptoms were gone and I felt in control again. This device has helped me so much I can’t thank the Bcalm team enough for the research and time they have put into this and I hope they can further their study and create more helpful tools, people suffering from anxiety now have the help and support they need. THANK YOU!

Ms C Clawson, Sutton in Ashfield, UK

** I’ve suffered from anxiety most of my life but managed it. Now I’m going through the menopause and suffer anxiety attacks more often . Saw your product and thought I would try it. Hope this helps someone else suffering anxiety the same as me. Here’s hoping once through this awful period of my life things will get better.

Ms V Nelson, Lochinver, UK

** I’ve suffered from panic attacks for over ten years and never been able to travel or go anywhere. I’m on medication from my GP and have had hypnotherapy. Nothing had been working at all until I tried bcalm. When I used it I felt so much more relaxed and able to fight the situation.

Mr P Astley, Bolton, UK

** I have suffered with anxiety since I was a teenager. Over the years I have suffered panic attacks and I thought I’d found a way to control them before they started. However, I am due to be married in a couple of weeks and my stress levels are through the roof. I have found that even having a bcalm inhaler in my bag makes me feel better as I know how well it works. I feel calmer immediately as it soothes my physical symptoms whilst I am able to sort out my mental symptoms myself. I cannot be without this product now and wish I’d found it sooner. Don’t waste your time on antidepressants or anxiety pills, you don’t need them, but this product will change your life (if you suffer with panic attacks, you’ll understand what I mean!).

Ms Jenny Randall, Ware, UK

** I’ve been fit and healthy my entire life and never expected to be in a position where I required help to overcome a mental health problem. After a bad experience flying I suffered my first panic attack. The attacks continued daily for the next 3 months before I was diagnosed with panic disorder. I tried lots of prescription medication, some were more successful than others, but all had side effects. Being unable to breathe correctly is truly frightening. I never expected bcalm to work. When you are desperate you will try anything; supplements, diet changes, air purifiers, nootropics, prescription drugs, the list is endless. Bcalm has provided me with relief, just 6 breaths and I feel a wave of calm and relaxation. I carry bcalm everywhere.

Mr P Swift, Southwell, UK

Bcalm stops anxiety in its tracks, simple but very effective.

Mrs W Ashman, Westcliff-on-Sea, UK

** I’ve struggled with panic attacks for many years so I thought I’d try bclam, however I was a little worried about the price & if it wouldn’t work, but it really does! Being able to know that if I can’t get myself out of the panic attack then I have a back up of using bcalm which helps. Definitely worth a try.

Ms E Tillett, Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

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